Buy the super-limited cassette (with effusively brilliant album art by Matthew Zefeldt) NOW at Speaker Snacks Records, or name your price for the mp3s over at their bandcamp. 

Music produced and composed by David Bird 

Cover art by Matthew Zefeldt (

Interior art by Diego Cohen (

Packaging design by 

Special thanks - Cole Hager, Sasha Jones, Asha Tamirisa, Jake Martin, Tyler Gryce and Theo Anthony.

WATCH THE OFFICIAL VIDEO FOR “Kevin’s Basement” (Directed by Theo Anthony)


NEW EP - Release Date Aug. 18th

I’m pumped to announce a vivid new PEPEPIANO release entitled “KING”

Coming to yer internet and cassette deck August 18th

via ME and Speaker Snacks Recs

Cover art is by super-talented-painter-creator Mathew Zefeldt

Check out his work and buy his paintings. 

Also await some dope videos and stuff by Proxy Dreams

Crazy <3


New Video

I’m ecstatic to admit, and prepare you for the wild-while video stylings of Theo Anthony AKA Proxy Dreams. He made a dope video for my brand new track “Kevin’s Basement” which will be premiering in the coming weeks. This also preps a brand new PEPE-release which will be announced soon. Stay tooned, and check out a dope screen grab below. 

it’s a crystal stalin in the desert. oh. my.


You guys should tryna fund this dope tape thing by DZ TAPESIma hot babe with a track on it.


This exclusive cassette release will only be available through this Kickstarter campaign until the end of May, when the quota for physical copies will be finalized.

Preview sets can be found here:

dz01-preview1 : [Ken Seeno, Ra Cailum, Golf Swingers, Vacation Dad, Blackbird Blackbird]

dz01-preview2 : [Geotic, Halls, Galapagos, Teams, Pepepiano]

dz01-preview3 : [Giant Claw, Chris Rehm, Cough Cool, Howse, Osiris Glade]

dz01-preview4 : [Blithe Field, Sleep In, Keep Shelly In Athens, Ormo, Gobble Gobble]

New Single - Flesh Rails

// 2Celebrate spring & killer showz this weekend with Questlove, Born Ruffians and Wiseblood. I’d lahv to present a track hot in the regimen of the new PP vibe, real steepage. Beautiful artwork provided by the talented Swedish illustrator Kilian Eng and idiot/slang prose by dude Cole Hager. Official music video by Asha Tamirisa on swoon.

i don’t wanna reinvent the sphere here O but let’s rethink the microsoft model

For whom is the crackhouse fun? Inside are lovers. 

Flesh nails you to the side of the wall as she’s still at it.

Dripping along tiny right angles in the circular saw of light is light, it’s liquid, it’s light it’s light that cuts through light that makes light that needs light that you saw and said you spin and spin you jive fucker content with your existence as a ball as a disco ball as a lighted ball a ball of dance but fuck you tonight because i’m gonna ask ellie to dance because this is a dance and there’s light and there’s her and there’s you and i can see her and it’s not because of you that i can see her but it’s because of you that she dances and that i will too

Flesh wails and asks you if you’re done yet because i’m tired.

It’s like zardoz up there spinning a head quipping about seeds and the life force and the fact that he gave you guns for a reason and that the gun is good. But it’s different because it’s dance. We answer with dance. 

go forth and kill zardoz has spoken how about go forth and dance the light is broken.

Flesh tails as she runs around the corner.

Flesh tales after you learned the guitar. Like right after.

There’s like this slow cooking crock pot of people who absent light absent shine absent motion bereft of image elected through public referendum CRF117 that orbs were a good idea and that, like, they were a really good idea. So because of that and little else really they spin up there like bug’s eyes like disembodied heads with information and thousands of eyes. we can either follow its rays to different paths or stare deeply into the awe the fire of its flickering soul.

Flesh snails are gross.

I wanted to start over but the orb wouldn’t let me.

Flesh fails to stimulate your conversation. No i will not put my clothes back on.

There’s a loose narrative here but the point which i’ll sharpen and furnish with vice-presidential clarity is fear. When you can see everything and you feel like you know it can see you and there’s no response and there’s like this dancing that you do as a human that like flesh fails to even approximate the desired result that like the old light moves like a cosmic waltz and that like that light creates awe and yet unlike all that fails to elicit a reply. So you wonder who or what is even out there and even if you could live in that lighthouse that can launch into space and has all the buttons and you wonder what’s the point if you can see them but not touch them.

Flesh sails past what science has found is actually the top of the sky.

So i’m sort of scared of what there is if there isn’t a disco ball. Nothing talks to me now but at least i can see them. If they’re even still real.

Flesh rails when you’re locked in.

Flesh quail you’re my bird.

I can’t see you anymore because of the light.

-prose by Cole Hager

author’s note i am placing most of the punctuation you may have missed at the end and you may do with it what you will


Some QT’s made this track using PP samples (circa Millenium Wet Dream) It is wild and sultry. countless bro’s

getting siked to premiere my new 3d visual set (glasses included) + new songs + midi guitarz @ jackfest ft. questloVE
Grosse lahhv
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